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We're the wedding videographers of choice for lovebirds everywhere! Our secret sauce? A knack for capturing all the feels - both the big, bold emotions and the subtle, secret ones. So sit back, relax, and check out our featured wedding vids. Trust us, you'll want us to be there to capture your love story too!

It's like a scene straight out of a romantic comedy - except this time, it's "When Athena met Livio". And let's just say, if their pre-wedding video is any indication, their actual wedding is going to be a total hit. We can't wait to see what these two have in store for us in October 2023, when the snow may have melted but their love will still be as strong as ever!

Luma is a DIY bride. She had been planning the last weekend of summer with meticulous care, dreaming up every detail from the pristine decor to the fancy donuts. As she strolled down the aisle towards Rami, who was eagerly waiting, she felt a nervous flutter in her stomach.

For those who doubt the existence of true love, let us introduce you to Gisèle and Eddy. Their love story was enough to bring a tear to our eyes as we worked on their wedding video. The moment the officiant asked the couple to share a kiss, emotions overflowed and both Gisèle and Eddy were reduced to tears. It was a day filled with love, joy, and tears for everyone present.

Tucked away in the lush woods of Quebec's Île d'Orléans, there's a quaint cabin that holds a special place in the hearts of Chantal and Daniel. On a radiant autumn day, Chantal took Daniel on a trip down memory lane, back to the start of their romance 40 years ago, before children and grandchildren entered the picture. It was a time filled with late-night phone calls, love songs, and an unbreakable bond

Sara and Muneeb are a picture of love personified. Their beautiful Muslim ceremony in the heart of Montreal, complete with a colorful reception that blended Pakistani and Indian cultures, was a sight to behold. This couple went above and beyond to make even the Briday videographers feel welcomed, treating us to the largest Indian buffet in town. And just when we thought things couldn't get any better, Muneeb sent us a text later saying he wished we could have followed them on their honeymoon!

It all started with Angie and her prayer for a man with a heart of gold, just like her beloved father. And that's exactly when Gabe came into her life, sent straight from the heavens above. Their love was truly a blessing and Briday was honored to etch it in stone forever with a stunning video that fused Haitian and Rwandan customs.

Jeti and Mohammed's love was on full display at their traditional Nigerian wedding in Ottawa. The couple's devotion to each other radiated through every aspect of the celebration, from the rich colors that adorned their surroundings to the warm embrace of their first dance. The love shared between Jeti and Mohammed was palpable, and it was impossible not to be swept up in their joy.

Claire and JC, the dynamic duo of love, decided to hit a hole-in-one with their wedding day celebration at a golf club just outside Montreal. With a clean and elegant outdoor ceremony, surrounded by lush greens, they officially became partners in life. The celebration continued with a lavish reception filled with cultural dances and emotional toasts that had everyone feeling the love. It was a beautiful day for this lovely couple, who proved that love really is the ultimate game changer.

Relive the joy, the laughter, and the heartfelt moments of this captivating wedding as Briday Videography presents Joanna and Paul's love story, unfolding against the backdrop of St. Jacobs's village. Prepare to be enchanted by this small town celebration filled with romance, elegance, and everlasting love.

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