Fiancés receive full video coverage as well as a short love story.
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We Are Storytellers at Heart.

Hi! My name is Richard.

I am the lead  wedding videographer here at Briday. 

To your wedding, I will bring my 15+ years of film directing experience.

I'd like to introduce you to our uncompromising team. Pros and creatives who work hard to ensure that your wedding videos stand out, and are delivered on time.

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We are confident that our eye-catching videos will allow you to relive your wedding day moments over and over again.

Our commitment is to immortalize the rarest of the moments. 

We are based in Montreal, speak English and French, and can travel to most parts of Quebec and Ontario.





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Fiancés choose us because we are high-quality, pay attention to detail, and never miss an important moment.

View examples of our previous work.

Our forte is capturing an emotion. Both overt and covert.

An uplifting speech, a sunset hug, a bride's first smile, and the cute whispering behind the centerpiece. It is for such moments that  we unpack our gear every weekend and fall in love with this adventure.


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Our service is personalized, and we love hearing about your unique wedding style. We'll share our best insights and make a heirloom-quality video. We promise to be there for families and friends who are unable to attend.


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Before we discuss money. Let me explain our three pricing packages and what they entail.

Each package includes a cinematic, high-quality (4K) short film accompanied by a fully edited event video.

(This includes the ceremony, preparations, reception, speeches, dances, and so on.)

For couples on a tight budget who require ALL-DAY coverage. We recommend the "Basic Package."

We recommend our best value "Prime Package" for an all-out wedding with epic cinematography and multiple locations.

We recommend our customizable "Platinum Package" for multi-day weddings with special requests and multiple crew members.

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All Day Coverage

Fully Edited Event

8 minutes Short Film

Two Cameras

14-days turnaround time

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Everything in Basic +

Aerial Shots

10-Days turnaround times

Custom short film

Social Media Reels

3 Edit Revisions

Raw Files Delivery

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Everything in Prime +

Multiple Days

Multiple Cameras

Custom Delivery

Although our basic pricing starts at $1,500, most couples spend between $2000 and $3500 on a full wedding video package.


Please contact us. We will take the time to understand your wedding day and create a budget-friendly proposal that will still provide you with the high-quality video coverage that your wedding deserves.


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“Un résultat merveilleux qui transmets toute l’émotion de ces moments magiques! Merci ☺️.”

Chantal Vaudreuil , Île d’Orléans, QC

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Every weekend, we film a wedding. We thought it would be a good idea to share what we saw with you in the hopes of inspiring you. Read and watch our blog posts to see what other couples have been up to.